Immediate pinpoint location (within feet) of the caller and live tracking of the caller.


Instant Text messaging between caller, dispatch and responding units.


All text can be instantly translated (English, Spanish, Farsi, Chinese, Russian, Etc)

Live Stream

When a crime is being committed, now you can see what is going on, capture images of suspects and immediately share those with responding units. This Type of feature allows officers and responders to safely enter dangerous zones such as In an active school shooter scenario, home invasion and more. Furthermore, all video is recorded and encrypted meeting federal evidence laws for chain of custody which ultimately gives prosecutors the much needed advantage to prosecute cases.

Map and Route Guide

Responding units can now get instant navigation to the caller based of live traffic conditions.


Share images and live feed with responding units so that they can get a better handle and be more prepared to the call in which they are being dispatched to. Privately message responders and provide intel quickly and securely.

Records Search

Search for a history of events based off location, date, person or license plate.


Officers & Responders can use the app to record video.

Notes & Images

Officers & Responders can use the app to write and record notes, take images and video of evidence that may later be needed.

Medical Cards

Users can create digital medical cards with need to know information for responding units. Should the user experience a medical emergency they could then use the app to send out an emergency medical distress call to dispatch giving EMT all the information and location of them immediately.

Crime Tips

Users can submit images, video and text in crime tips.

Push Notifications

Local law enforcement can send push notifications to users in specific locations to be aware of emergencies or ask the public to be on the lookout for missing persons, etc.


Our platform allows dispatchers to:

  • get instant location information on the caller
  • receive and send text messages to callers who can not talk
  • reduce call volume and duration
  • expedite call handling
  • reduce fraudulent reports
  • increase information accuracy

Responding Units Tracking

With 911 Live, dispatchers are provided with a quick way to not only manage incoming calls, but also to track officers’ and responding units locations within their assigned jurisdictions without leaving the dispatch screen and add them to calls.

User-Friendly Design

For users, we created a user friendly interface that has been testing by thousands. Simply and quick navigation to get dispatchers the information they need immediately. For dispatchers, they can easily navigate the simple layout, even if they are new to dispatching software systems. When dispatchers receive a new call, the program outlines needed information in a clear and organized format. The 911 Live feature’s intuitive user experience helps agencies decrease the amount of time and money spent on training new dispatchers.

Easily Tracked, Searchable Records and Audit Log

Dispatchers can keep all pertinent call information on one record instead of manually creating multiple logs to house data. Personnel can pull up a single log and see the entire call history, including comments and time stamps. All call information can be easily searched within the system using keywords.

911 Live - Todays Top Public Safety Platform

911 Live provides the most innovative and reliable public safety software to police departments, sheriff’s offices, dispatch centers, correctional facilities, and fire departments that has yet to be seen on the market. Whether you represent a large agency looking for an integrated, on-premises system or a small agency looking for a maintenance-free, scalable web-based solution, 911 Live can provide you with the cutting-edge public safety technology needed and the world-class support to back it up.

Web-Based Technology

911 Live is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that leverages the power of the Internet to provide smaller public safety agencies with a quick and easy way to store crucial data. Small agencies have many of the same public safety technology needs as their larger counterparts, including reliable RMS, CAD, and enhanced safety features, but may not have the resources or IT staff available to maintain an on-premises system. Because 911 Live is a web-based platform, agency data is securely encrypted, stored and maintained offsite by 911 Live, eliminating the need to hire a dedicated server administrator.

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