How It Works

Our platform was built on the wants and needs of public safety agencies. Now, the public, dispatchers and responding units have a means of better communicating to get emergencies handled more efficiently and quicker. Let’s work together to help save lives and bridge the gap between technology and public safety.
911 Live

What is 911 Live?

a. 911 Live is an innovative CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) platform that uses all the benefits of modern-day smartphone technology to streamline 911 calls and give dispatchers and first responders the upper hand. After months of testing, interviewing, and feedback from different agencies we created 911 Live.

b. Our platform allows the general public to use our app to contact their local emergency services. Dispatchers immediately receive the caller’s precise location*, type of call, and much more. Callers can text, stream live video of the emergency as it takes place, and even send distress calls. These tools give dispatchers and responding units more information so that they can respond even quicker and prepare more adequately for the emergency. Our sole mission is to help save lives.



This feature allows dispatch and responding units to know the pinpoint location of the caller (within 10 feet). It’s also updated every 5 seconds so that you always know the true location of the caller. This allows agencies to have the information they need immediately which will result in increasing the odds of lives being saved. Additionally features like this will help avoid false calls and create.


Sometimes callers are not in a position to be able to talk. With todays technology it only made sense to include this feature. Callers can text live with dispatchers and responding units. On top of texting, callers can share images and even stream line video.


Our platform allows agencies to translate text and voice to some of the most popular kinds of languages. Callers can select to transmit all text to English or the dispatcher can have control over all translations. This is available for callers, dispatch and responding units.

Live Stream

When a crime is being committed, now you can see what is going on. Agencies can capture images of suspects and immediately share those with responding units. This type of feature allows officers and responders to safely enter dangerous zones such as in an active school shooter scenario, home invasion and more. This footage can later be used for evidence purposes as it follows chain of custody evidence laws.

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